Judging Process 

Here is some guidance on how to enter this year’s awards:

Make sure your entry is eligible

Read the rules for each entry carefully to ensure your entry fits the criteria. For instance, make sure that your entry relates correctly to the year under review and that packs fit the criteria for where they have been produced.

Be clear and concise

Entries that clearly provide the information asked for will always stand out; a poorly written summary that doesn’t explain things properly will lose out. And don’t simply copy and paste a press release or marketing blurb into the submission – chances are it won’t answer all the questions.

Think about video

You have the option to upload a video of your packaging project. It’s an option rather than an essential but could help give the judges a better understanding of your entry before they have the opportunity to see your product on the judging day. Present its strengths, whether it’s a clever opening or an impressive bit of structural engineering.

Don’t leave it to the last minute

Ensure you have enough time to create a really compelling awards entry. It needs to impress the judges and make it easy for them to recognise why you should be a winner.

Put someone on the job

This person isn’t necessarily going to be the closest to the projects you’re submitting, but it is important that someone has ownership of your awards entries. Co-ordination is essential or you will find yourself missing deadlines and rushing your submissions.

Enjoy the process

This is your chance to celebrate your best work, both inside and outside your company. So get your colleagues involved – it makes anyone proud to see their work submitted into a competition like this.