Robert Lockyer
Robert Lockyer
Delta Global

At the heart of Delta Global’s worldwide enterprise is its enthusiastic and experiential founder and CEO Robert Lockyer.

Working with some of the world’s most iconic brands, Robert has a wealth of expertise and commitment to customer experience.

Robert recognises that the power of packaging and the theatrical edge to “unboxing” a product is an intrinsic part of marketing and branding when it comes to customer retention.

Said Robert: “Those that offer adaptable and engaging packaging solutions and deliver on their promise to positively affect the environment will remain valued by consumers and take the lead in their sector.”

The entrepreneur has almost three decades of experience in the packaging industry and seeks to break the mould of large corporations by thinking flexibly and actively developing exciting, brand-enhancing concepts.

Creating Delta Global was his life-long dream and he says of the team that works for this passionate, dynamic and ambitious company: “At the heart of every good business are great people.”

Robert’s vision to inspire in-store and e-commerce packaging has made Delta Global the market leader it is today. Over the years the company has expanded and now designs, manufactures and delivers everything in-house.

Robert is an expert in establishing a global business, leading innovation and building long-lasting relationships with high-profile brands and continues to steer the creative and connected thinking behind the growing enterprise.